We’re REVIVING the Membership Soon!

I’ve been on a three-year sabbatical, living on six continents, exploring different cultures and how men and women relate to life, themselves and each other differently–and just giving myself time to just be.  During that time, I paused the Honoring My Man Membership to be free of the time commitment.  I am now ready to reengage, and looking forward to standing for women (and their men).  I’m sure I’ll be sharing some of my cultural learnings and experiences inside the membership program.  If you’re one of those who’ve been waiting for this program to come back to life, thank you for your patience.  I’ll see you inside!

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I have a wealth of resources to share with women, who are interested in more magical relationships with the men in their lives.

Many women have found the body of work  I’ve created over the years to produce break-through results in their romantic relationships and sex lives, and their relationships with men in general.

I’ll be using this site to explore this subject area: specifically, opening to the “miracles” that tend to happen when a woman shifts her relationship to herself, her man and this phenomenon called “honor” and “honoring.”


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