My name is Michael Skye.

I do not claim to be an expert on women and relationships.  I have never been a woman, and can never fully know a woman’s experience.  I have no fancy letters behind my name, no degree in counseling or psychology.  Further, I’ve never been married, and am happily single at the moment.  And finally, there are a great many things in this world that I know nothing about, and am simply no good at.

However, there is one skill I can teach you which can transform not only your relationship with your man (and men), but your relationship with your experience of yourself and your life in the most beautiful–dare I say orgasmic [link to testimonial]–way.  If you let me.

Naturally a woman desires to to be in a relationship with a man she deeply loves, respects and trusts, and who is madly in love with her, deeply honors her and passionately ravishes her.

Sadly in today’s world, we’re often so busy and stressed that a relationship simply becomes another thing to manage.  But managing a relationship, a man or yourself when it comes to love and passion–is no formula for love and passion!  In fact, it’s often the very approach that is likely to drive a man away.

Men are, it has often been said, quite simple.  I believe there is one thing men want and need above all else.  Throughout history and still today nearly all men will put themselves in harms way to get it and keep it.  Many have sacrificed everything, even their lives for it.  Many have even killed for it.

It’s a feeling and experience I call honor.  In my extensive work with men over the years, I’ve found that restoring or increasing their honor transforms their lives.  Some have told me it literally saved their lives [link to john's vid].  And in my experience working with women facing relationship crisis, learning and practicing this art of honoring a man (and honoring one’s self in the process) is the one thing that turns everything around.

Sadly, it seems most women are completely clueless when it comes to understanding what honor is to a man, and how dire of a need it is for him (many reading this will dismiss “honor” out of hand as being his ‘male ego,’ ‘macho’ bravado, or what have you).  Yet most men can’t really put it into words either.

I suggest that on a biological level, honor is so important to a man that it completely transforms who he is and how he moves in the world.

If you’re man’s not feeling this powerful feeling in your presence over time, he’ll either begin to slowly die inside, he’ll try to put you and others down, or he’ll leave.  If he leaves you for another woman, you can bet that she reignited this feeling that I say he needs to feel.

It’s a more pressing need for a man now than perhaps ever before, as many factors in our post-modern society leave men deprived of this critical factor in his existence as a man.

I invite you to EXPERIENCE what happens in your heart and in your body when you feel yourself “honoring your man,” as I’ll be showing you.

After you’ve had a look at some of the videos, listened to some of the audios or read some of the articles, testimonials or stories, and you feel in your heart that I may have something to teach you, then I invite you to consider joining my monthly membership.

I live and travel around the world, and it’s always great to meet members when I travel.  I’m open to the possibility of offering seminars, discussions or retreats in your home or town, however the monthly membership is the best first step.

Thank you for the opportunity to stand for you and the men in your life, and for all you desire,

Michael Skye

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